Chicken MyStake

Chicken MyStake

  • Winners and quick games
  • Original theme
  • Ability to change the number of bones
  • Simple to pick up
  • Quickly repetitive

Game details

🐔 Play Chicken MyStake
🍗 Provider MyStake
💰 Maximum stake 1 000€
💰 Minimum stake 0.20€
💰 Max. gain 10 000€
💎 RTP 99%

Play Chicken for free (The chicken game) 🐔

You can play Chicken by Mystake for free on its demo mode. Once you have the chicken game in hand, you can play for real money, directly on MyStake.

Chicken (The chicken game) Review🐔

MyStake was launched in 2020, making it one of the newest casinos on the Internet. This casino holds a gaming license in Curacao. MyStake have recently launched different mini-games, such as Dino, Keno, Hilo, Dice or most recently Chicken. Mystake’s Chicken mini-game looks like a bomb disposal game (it’s a mine game).

You have to choose from different dishes under a bell that hides a good roasted chicken or a bone. The more chickens you find, the more your multiplier increases. An example of a similar game: Spribe’s mines. For the rules of the game, we go into more detail about this a little further down in the article.

Chicken (or the chicken game) is 100% reliable. Mystake casino is also completely secure and reliable. However, remember that Chicken is a game of chance, mathematically created to benefit the casino. So you can win money, but it’s not possible to win in the long run. If you win, remember to set limits.

If you have won money with Chicken, you will have to withdraw your winnings. To do this, you need to verify your identification documents (ID card, proof of address) with the casino. This prevents money laundering andminors on the site. If you have a question, you can go through the Mystake support.


How Chicken works 🐔

Chiken is a completely random mini-game. But the chicken money game is very simple to understand.

You have to choose from 25 dishes under a bell, under which are hidden 25 bones and chickens. As you might have guessed, you don’t want to fall on a bone. You can change the number of bones at the beginning of the game and limit the number of bones between 1 and 24.

The more bones you increase, the more risk you take, and as a result, your chances of winning decrease, but your winnings increase.

Your goal, of course, is to avoid the bones and find the location of the chickens.

Once you have placed your bet, the board will display the potential winnings for the next square and as you progress through the game, you will be able to see the board display your total winnings as well as your current multiplier.

To the right, you will see a bar that displays the “My bets” and “Highrollers” sections.

By default, the bar displays the “My bets” section, where you can see your last 90 days of betting history.

If you click on the “HighRollers” section, you can see the 20 most profitable bets of all users in the last 24 hours.

Finally, you have access to a chat room at the bottom right and a timer of your time spent on the game at the top right.


Chicken Bonus 🐔

You have probably come across the chicken game on a social network. Chicken enjoyed great popularity thanks to Tiktok, in the face of that MyStake offers an exclusive bonus to Chicken players. If you’ve just discovered Mystake, you can use this link to sign up, enjoy your bonuses and deposit the amount of your choice.

Thanks to the bonus offered by MyStake you will be able to double your deposit up to €1000! It is important to specify that you will be able to use this bonus ONLY on the Chicken mini-game (or the other mini-games).

Tips for playing Chicken 🐔

Chicken is a random game, so there is no real strategy for winning every time. However, you can minimize your chances of losing by changing the number of bones and withdrawing from the game at the right time.

By opting for a strategy based on safety, you will be able to win some money, but it won’t be much. For more details on how to play and the different strategies you can adopt, refer to the video below.

You can watch videos to discover strategies and techniques on the game of chicken and bones. But remember, you don’t have a 100% chance of winning.

Chicken prediction software does not exist! It is not possible to predict the moves in this minigame. All hacks / cheats and predictions are scams.

F.A.Q 🐔

🐔 How do I play Chicken(The chicken game)?

The rules of Chicken are very simple. Under 25 dishes, there are hidden bones and chickens, you have to find as much chicken as possible to increase your multiplier and your winnings. If you fall on a bone, you lose.

🐔 Can I play Chicken for free?

You can play chicken for free directly on our site. However, the mobile version of the game tends not to work.

🐔 Can I play Chicken as a minor?

NO, gambling is regulated and strictly prohibited for minors. You will be asked to provide proof that you are of legal age when you withdraw.

🐔 How do I withdraw my Chicken earnings?

You can withdraw your winnings from 50€ on Mystake (if you don't have any wager in progress). You will have to send your documents to validate your account. Then withdraw your earnings via bank transfer or cryptomoney.cken?

🐔 Can you win every time on Chicken?

Chicken is a game of chance. Although you can increase your chances of winning by reducing the number of bones on the field, you can still lose. Of course, cheating on Chicken and MyStake is impossible and prohibited.

Conclusion 🐔

Chicken by Mystake is extremely simple, making it easy for any player to pick up. Being able to change the number of bones is a big plus. By betting only 20 cents and changing the number of bones, you can have fun and make small wins.

The popularity of the chicken game has exploded thanks to Tiktok, but if players are interested in it, it’s for a good reason, the game is fast and fun.

Useful links :

Official SiteJeu du poulet (French) – gioco dei polli (Italian) – Chicken Game (English) – Kana-peli (Finnish) – Hühnerspiel (German) – Juego del pollo (Spanish) – Spelet om kyckling (Swedish) – Παιχνίδι του κοτόπουλου (Greek)

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