You can bet on Counter Strike: Global Offensive on several online betting sites. You have a list below with welcome bonuses when you register, take advantage of it, we explain everything in the article.

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How does betting on Counter Strike Global Offensive work? 💻

One of the elements that make Counter-Strike: Global Offensive so popular in esport is the simplicity with which spectators can follow and understand what is going on.

Unlike sports like League of Legends and Dota 2, where there is a high learning curve in terms of playing styles and strategies, CS:GO is a FPS (shooting game) in which each team has clear and easy to understand goals. This makes CS:GO an excellent support for new fans and experts alike, whether they are watching or betting.

Betting on CS:GO works in the same way as betting on traditional sports. The most common way to bet on a match is simply to bet on which side is going to win the match. There are also other options, ranging from betting on the length of the match to specific events in the game. Teams with a chance of winning pay less than those considered to be underdogs and these differences are reflected in the odds.

For example, you have an Astralis match against Na’Vi. The odds are 1.42 for Astralis versus 2.92 for Na’Vi. You decide to put 20€ on the winner of the match, which you think will be Na’Vi.

The match happens, by chance, it’s Na’Vi who wins the match 16 to 10. Bravo, you just won 20€ x 2.92 (the coast) = 58.4€ !

CSGO rules 💻

A single CSGO card can take up to 90 minutes. Depending on the type of match (best of 1, 2 or 5), a single CSGO match can last from half an hour to more than five hours. The latter is an extreme case of Bo5 with multiple overtime hours and breaks.

The winner is the first to arrive at 16 rounds won. If there are 15 – 15, it will be the first to 19.

CSGO requires a certain degree of strategy to overcome the most difficult teams. The roles are multiple, ranging from riflers, supports, AWPers (Awp player) and play leaders (much like captains in regular sports).

In addition, CSGO teams also have coaches. They can call time-outs and organize strategies to win against the opposing team. These are all important factors to consider when betting on csgo online.

Economics plays a key role in CSGO! Players earn money by killing other players, planting bombs, defusing bombs and winning rounds.

The amount of money depends on several factors, including the types of weapons and the number of rounds lost in a row. The economics of CS:GO is a complex issue, which you will need to explore if you want to improve your chances of winning CSGO bets!

History of betting on CSGO 💻

Although we cannot determine the exact moment when the bet on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive started, from the first professional matches, bets more or less appeared.

At the end of 2013 and beginning of 2014, betting on CSGO started to flourish. Betting on CS:GO matches started to appear all over the web.

A whole new market emerged, exploiting Steam’s API to facilitate betting on CSGO matches with skins from the game. The CSGO Skin betting sites were an instant success, with millions of bets being placed by punters around the world.

With little or no regulation at the time, CSGO Skin betting sites flourished and were heavily marketed by all sorts of platforms involved in the newly emerging sports (and sports betting) industry.

When real money sports betting sites took note of the counter strike growth, they did their utmost to create an appropriate sports betting category. At the time, the only real esports titles that people bet on were Dota 2 and CSGO, along with League of Legends and Starcraft.

Looking back, it is quite obvious that the early online betting sites paved the way for the real money CSGO betting that we all know and love. However, these betting platforms with skins were (and still are) very shady businesses. They broke online gambling regulations, exploited Steam’s API, made online gambling easy for minors and even went so far as not to pay out big winnings.

One example is CSGOLounge, one of the best known sites for betting on CSGO at the time. But the site was banned by Valve and now offers a system for betting via points. But it is only recreational betting, you can’t win money or skins.

Valve fought (and won) a legal war with these sites. The csgo real money legal betting sites are practically everywhere these days.


Ancien site de paris CSGO

Pro match schedule – When to bet on CSGO 💻

There are multiple organizers that hold the entire competitive ecosystem of the game.

CSGO’s esports system is quite chaotic. Lately, there has been a lot of discussion about franchised leagues. As some of you may already know, the biggest sports titles (such as Overwatch and LoL) have leagues that allow them to get more sponsorship revenue and brand involvement through additional long-term stability.

Although everyone seems to be against franchising CSGO, it may be that the first truly franchised league may soon come into play. Fortunately, there are 2 majors per year. One major is the equivalent of the world championship. There is one at the beginning of the year and one at the end of the year. It allows you to see which team dominates the middle and if it manages to be stable over time.

The major is a very good way to start betting on CSGO. There are the best teams, there’s a lot of excitement and the odds are very interesting. If you want some useful stats you can go to HLTV to see the next games that are going to be played.

Betting on CSGO with money – Step by step guide 💻

Si vous souhaitez parier sur Counter-Strike : Global Offensive, mais vous ne savez pas par où commencer, peut-être que ce petit guide pas à pas vous fera le plus grand bien :

  • Inscrivez-vous sur CBET ou Sportsbet.
  • Remplissez vos informations personnelles et assurez-vous d’utiliser votre vrai mail car vous devrez le confirmer plus tard pour activer votre compte.
  • Examinez les bonus disponibles et effectuez votre premier dépôt. Par exemple, sur cbet votre dépôt est doublé jusqu’à 200€. Donc si vous déposez 50€, vous pouvez jouer avec 100€.
  • Ensuite, il faut trouver des matchs csgo sur lesquelles parier. Généralement, il y a toujours des matchs en cours. L’esport csgo ne s’arrête pratiquement jamais. Je vous conseille de parier sur les équipes les plus performantes du moment. Pour cela, rendez-vous sur le classement HLTV.
  • Prenez votre temps et ne vous contentez pas du premier pari que vous voyez. Faites des recherches de statistiques, examinez les correspondances récentes et tirez des conclusions fondées sur les faits au lieu de vous fier à la chance et au hasard.
  • Profitez de vos paris CSGO !

If you want to bet on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, but you don’t know where to start, maybe this little step-by-step guide will do you the most good :

  • Sign up on CBET or Sportsbet.
  • Fill in your personal information and make sure you use your real email as you will need to confirm it later to activate your account.
  • Review the available bonuses and make your first deposit. For example, at cbet your deposit is doubled up to 200€. So if you deposit £50, you can play with £100.
  • Next, find csgo matches to bet on. Usually there are always matches in progress. The csgo esport hardly ever stops. I advise you to bet on the best teams of the moment. To do so, go to the HLTV leaderboard.
  • Take your time and don’t be satisfied with the first bet you see. Research statistics, look at recent matches and draw conclusions based on facts instead of relying on luck and chance.
  • Enjoy your CSGO bets!

CSGO teams to bet on 💻

You’d like to bet on CSGO because you’re in love with the game, but you don’t know much about its sports scene. Don’t worry, we got you covered!

This section of our CSGO betting guide evaluates the four teams to bet on in 2020!

Of course, this information could quickly become outdated as meta and ranking changes are relatively frequent in the CSGO world, so always check everything before placing your bets!

logo astralis


Astralis is probably the strongest team ever on this game. It dominated the esport scene on csgo for many years. Today, the team has made player changes due to burn outs. Unfortunately, Astralis has not been able to adapt for the moment.

In terms of the game, it is by far the most complete team that exists. Their mechanics are perfected, their aim is superb, their damage is incredible and their ability to play against each other is simply ridiculous. (Keep an eye on Astralis)


Team Liquid

Team Liquid had a fantastic run in the summer of 2019. For a brief period of time, they were ranked as the best CSGO team in the world after winning seven remarkable trophies in just three months.

Since then, Team Liquid has never been able to get back to the top. They have had several confrontations against Astralis since then, all of which have ended in failure. They’re still a good team, they just lack the final spark they need to win tight matches.

g2 esport

G2 Esport

G2 is probably the team that’s been keeping an eye on lately. They’ve changed players recently, mixing iconic players from the CSGO scene with new stars. The G2 team has been working very well since then and wins many matches against the biggest teams in the rankings.

At the time of writing, the team is number 1 on HLTV. So we’ll have to bet on G2 during the next major.

F.A.Q 💻

🖱️ Is it safe to bet money on CSGO?

Let's start by eliminating the most frequently asked questions. Yes, betting on CSGO is as safe as any other type of online betting, provided that you are using well established sports betting sites with interesting odds, such as the ones presented above.

🖱️ Do I have to use cryptomoney for CSGO betting?

Cryptomoney is a very interesting new form of online payment. They are already considered the next generation of online payment methods, with experts saying that they are ready to conquer the online betting sphere. Cryptomoney enables fast, cheap, secure and completely anonymous online transactions, unlike anything else currently available. Of course, you can bet in euros and dollars as well.

🖱️ Can I bet skins on CSGO?

Some of the biggest players in the market have been forced to end their betting activities with skins. You can hardly bet your skins, but you can sell them, get the money back and bet real money.

Conclusion 💻

I hope you find our guide to betting on counter-strikes useful. We offer you the best esport betting sites with very interesting bonuses for new players. Bet now on the next csgo games. You can leave your predictions in comments.

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