Chicken MyStake

Chicken MyStake

The Chicken game is exclusively available on Mystake. It’s a casino mini-game allowing you to win up to €10,000.

The rules are very simple, but beware: like all casino games, they have a house advantage (99% RTP). Forget the dream salesmen who claim they can get rich with this mini-game. However, you can actually win money, we explain all in the article.

Game details

🐔 Play Chicken Mystake
🍗 Supplier Mystake
💰 Maximum stake 1,000$
💸 Minimum stake 0.20$
🤑 Maximum win 10,000$
💎 RTP 99%

🐔 Play Chicken for free

With the code CRYPTOCASINO you can play the chicken game for free with €10 freebets. Simply register via our link and enter the code into your account. You can also test his demo mode. Once you’ve got the chicken game in hand, you can play for real money directly on MyStake as soon as you register.

Up to:
1000$ FREE
18+ | "Gambling is risky: debt, addiction... Call +44 808 802 0133 (non surcharged call) "

🐔 Chicken (Chicken Game) Reviews

Who is Mystake?

MyStake, launched in 2020, has quickly become one of the biggest online casinos. This casino holds a gaming license in Curaçao. What has made Mystake so successful are the mini-games. You can play exclusive games such as Dino, Icefield, Armada, Plinko and the famous Chicken, one of the pioneers of internet mining mini-games and MyStake’s first mining game.

The mini-game is also known as the chicken game. Mystake’s Chicken mini-game looks like a minesweeper game (it’s a mines game).

How does the chicken game work?

You have to choose from different dishes under a bell that hides a good roast chicken or a bone. The aim is to find as many chickens as possible to increase your multiplier. To find out more about the rules of the game, we detail this a little further down the article.

The game of chicken has enabled many players to hit the jackpot and withdraw several thousand euros. Although there aren’t really any real “strategies” that can be adopted on the game of chicken, it does allow you to alter the number of bones lurking beneath the various squares on the game board. Being able to modify the number of bones has the effect of varying the volatility of the mini-game.

Is Chicken reliable?

Chicken (or the poulet game) is 100% reliable, it’s not a scam, the mini-game uses the Provably Fair anti-cheat system, ensuring that all players have the same chances. Mystake Casino is also totally secure and reliable.

You can deposit and withdraw your winnings easily at this online casino. Feel free to read our review on Mystake to learn more about withdrawal and deposit methods.

Don’t forget that Chicken is a game of chance, mathematically created to benefit the casino. So you can win money, but it’s not possible to win over the long term. If you’re a winner, don’t forget to set limits.

How to withdraw your winnings

If you’ve won money, you’ll need to withdraw your winnings. To withdraw your winnings on Mystake, you’ll need to verify your identity (mandatory to avoid minors and money laundering). Verification takes an average of 24 to 48 hours. Then you can withdraw your winnings by bank transfer (in euros, dollars, etc) or cryptocurrency.

If you have a question, you can get in touch with Mystake support, who will get back to you within the hour. There’s also a comment section at the bottom of the article.

🐔 How the chicken game works

Chiken is a totally random mini-game. But the chicken money game is very simple to understand.

You’re faced with 25 dishes under a bell, under which are hidden 25 bones and chickens. You must land on a chicken to increase your multiplier; if you land on a bone, your game ends and you lose your winnings. You can change the number of bones at the start of the game and limit the number of bones to between 1 and 24.

The more bones under the board squares, the higher the risk. However, the higher the number of bones, the higher the multiplier when you come across a chicken.

It’s up to you to decide how much risk you want to take during your game

As you’ll have gathered, your aim is to avoid the bones hiding under the squares and find the location of the chickens.

Once you’ve placed your bet, the table will display the potential payout for the next square. As you move forward, your winnings increase. You can find this information in the table along with your total winnings and current multiplier.

There are also advanced statistics on the right-hand side, with a “My bets” section and a “Highrollers” section. By default, the bar displays the “My bets” section, where you can see a 90-day history of your latest bets.

If you click on the “HighRollers” section, you can see the 20 most profitable bets made by Mystake users in the last 24 hours.

Finally, you have access to a chat window in the bottom right-hand corner and a stopwatch for your time spent on the game in the top right-hand corner.

🐔 Bonus on Chicken Mystake

The chicken game has exploded thanks to social networks like Tiktok, Telegram and Instagram. Due to the popularity of the chicken and bones mini-game, Mystake has launched an exclusive bonus to Chicken players.

If you’re new to Mystake, you can use this link to sign up, take advantage of your bonuses and deposit the amount of your choice.

The mini-games welcome bonus offers you a doubled deposit up to €500! So for €500 deposited on the site, you’ll be able to play with €1,000. You’ll need to deposit a minimum of €20 to qualify for the bonus. The wager amounts to 20 times your deposit.

It is important to note that this bonus can ONLY be used on mini-games

🐔 Chicken game tips

The chicken game is totally random. There is no strategy for winning every time, no cheating will get you free wins. However, you can minimize your chances of losing by changing the number of bones and withdrawing from the game at the right moment.

By opting for a strategy based on safety, you’ll be able to win some money, but it won’t be very substantial.

Chicken prediction software doesn’t exist! It is not possible to predict the moves in this mini-game. All hacks / cheats and predictions are scams. The Chicken game is under Provably Fair, an anti-cheat system that guarantees an identical experience on Chicken for all players


One of the classic casino strategies, martingale involves doubling your bet every time you lose. For example, you bet €1, if you fall on a bone, you switch to €2, and so on. When your bet wins, you go back to your original stake, €1 in this example. It’s a strategy that only works with a big bankroll.

Strategy 1 bone

You can bet a small amount, say €1, and place a single bone on the board. You won’t win much every game, but you minimize your chances of falling on it.

🐔 Chicken Game in video


🐔 How do I play Chicken Mystake?

Chicken's rules are very simple. Beneath 25 dishes are hidden bones and chickens, and you have to find as many chickens as possible to boost your multiplier and winnings. If you fall on a bone, you lose.

🐔 Can I play Chicken for free?

You can play chicken for free directly on our site. However, the mobile version of the game tends not to work.

🐔 Can I play Chicken as a minor?

NO, gambling is regulated and strictly forbidden to minors. Documents proving that you are of legal age will be requested at the time of withdrawal.

🐔 How do I withdraw my Chicken winnings?

You can withdraw your winnings from €50 on Mystake (if you have no wager in progress). You'll need to send your documents to validate your account. Then withdraw your winnings via bank transfer or cryptocurrency.

🐔 Can you win every time on Chicken?

No it's not possible. Chicken is a game of chance. You can increase your chances of winning by reducing the number of bones in the field. Of course, it's impossible and forbidden to cheat on Chicken and MyStake.

🐔 Conclusion

The Chicken by Mystake mini-game is extremely simple, making it easy for any player to pick up. You can choose the number of bones on the board and manage the risk of your games. By betting as little as 20 cents and changing the number of bones, you can have fun while making small winnings.

Thanks to Tiktok the popularity of the chicken game has exploded on the internet, the game being fast and fun. No need to join a discord to play Chicken by Mystake, just register on this link. The Upgaming provider has granted exclusivity to Mystake, so you won’t find the game at other online casinos.

The popularity of the Chicken game is also due to the change it brings from slot machines or more classic games like roulette. Instead of simply waiting for the rounds to pass in the hope of hitting the jackpot, the Chicken mini-game lets you get more involved in your jackpot hunt while racking up euros in the most entertaining way possible.

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Up to:
1000$ FREE
18+ | "Gambling is risky: debt, addiction... Call +44 808 802 0133 (non surcharged call) "

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