Thimbles Mystake

Thimbles Mystake

Thimbles Mystake is a game developed by the Evoplay company that boasts the simplest features on the market. This has enabled it to be adopted by several players who have no trouble getting to grips with it.

The slot offers an immersive experience and above-average payout potential. Here’s a detailed review that lets you know everything there is to know about the Thimbles Mystake slot machine.


🎰 Playing Thimbles Mystake MyStake
✈️ Supplier Onlyplay
💰 Maximum stake €500
💰 Minimum stake €0.10
💰 Max win €30,720
💎 RTP 95%
Up to:
1000$ FREE
18+ | "Gambling is risky: debt, addiction... Call +44 808 802 0133 (non surcharged call) "

How to play Thimbles Mystake

To play the Thimbles Mystake slot machine, you need to visit a gaming site and open an account. Whether on mobile or via the computer, this is necessary to make a deposit in order to bet when the game is launched.

It’s worth remembering that the betting range can be adjusted and you have the max and min buttons for this. After loading the game, you are transported to a board where you see three identical barrels.

On the slot interface, you can select a sum between 1 and 100 euros per spin. The principle of Thimbles Mystake is very simple, find the shell, hidden under three cups, one of which contains a ball inside.

Under each of the three glasses is a hidden gem, and it’s up to you to unearth it when they’ve been mixed. With this game, you can win with the minimum of effort.

In reality, Thimbles Mystake is inspired by the principles of bonneteau, as all you have to do is bet on the right cup to win.

If you don’t, if the glass you bet on doesn’t contain the shell, you lose your money and a new game begins. The rules of the game are accessible and simple to the greatest number of gamers, whether beginners or advanced.

Bonuses and features on Thimbles Mystake

If you guess the right glass correctly, you can win the prize equivalent to x 2.88 your starting stake, guaranteeing an intriguing gaming experience. However, the important feature to highlight is that designer Evoplay has added a two-ball feature.

With this one, you’ll be betting on two barrels, which therefore presents less risk (2 chances/3 of winning). If you bet with this feature, the multiplier power is halved to 1.44.

This is a strategic alternative that balances risks and rewards, enabling diversification of options. It’s worth noting that for both modes, the redistribution rate remains the same, at 96%.

On the left-hand side of the Thimbles Mystake screen, the editor has integrated a practical and very useful feature. It helps you find your session history to review your latest laps and analyze past performances.

Up to:
1000$ FREE
18+ | "Gambling is risky: debt, addiction... Call +44 808 802 0133 (non surcharged call) "

Tips on Thimbles Mystake

Thimbles Mystake is the slot machine of chance par excellence, an instant game that requires no elaborate strategy. Indeed, it’s a slot that requires concentration in order to find the glass that contains the precious stone.

When the barrels are being shuffled, you need to stay focused and carefully follow the movements of each tumbler to make the right choice. As a reminder, the Thimbles Mystake slot machine is built on the principle of random number generator.

This one is used to determine the position of the ball under the three glasses, so the result of each round is random. Incidentally, the other trick that can also help you when playing this slot is the history of previous sessions.

This Evoplay-designed feature contains valuable and effective data that you can use to make informed decisions. It can help you develop a strategy and make a wise choice in your next rounds.

Furthermore, the duality of choices offered by the editor is an opportunity to be seized to limit the risk of loss. By betting on one bullet, the multiplier is certainly high, but the ideal would be to start with the two-bullet option. The level of winnings is reduced, but this approach proves safer in the long term for increasing the bankroll.

In addition, don’t forget that it’s essential to play responsibly by controlling the amount of your bets. You need to define a gambling budget and avoid getting carried away by the euphoria of winnings or losses.

Play in demo mode

To really get to grips with how this game works, play in demo mode first. Then, when you switch to real mode, favor low stakes to limit risk.

Managing your budget

Before launching a gaming session on the Ethan Grand slot machine, you need to take the time to define a budget. It represents the threshold not to be exceeded during a game. To play longer, make bets proportional to your gaming budget.

All in all, the Ethan Grand slot machine is highly original. It allows you to live a real adventure with interesting winnings.

Thimbles Mystake video test and review

Conclusion on Thimbles Mystake

Thimbles Mystake is a lucrative slot machine with a very easy to understand mode of operation.

This low-volatility slot is suitable for players who want extended sessions on a limited budget.

Up to:
1000$ FREE
18+ | "Gambling is risky: debt, addiction... Call +44 808 802 0133 (non surcharged call) "

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